Hello my name is Siara Sweet, Your Body Mechanic.

I have been a certified, licensed, registered, and insured massage therapist since May of  2011.  I graduated the Massage Therapy program at Denver School of Massage Therapy (DSMT) in Westminster, Colorado in May of 2011. I offer many different types of massage services including; Deep tissue, Rolfing, Reiki, Myofascial release, Sports, Sports injury, Prenatal, Postnatal, Trigger point, Cranial sacral, Reflexology, Swedish, Aroma touch, Salt scrubs and chair massage.


I have always loved the power of touch, my sister started offering me money for massage when I was five years old.  I was happy to give her massage for the low rate of $.25, I thought that was a great deal.

Even though I spent my entire life massaging others I never once thought about doing massage for a living. While in high school all my focus was on becoming an automotive technician and completing my A.S.E. certifications at Boulder tech automotive program.  I love cars and have always enjoyed working with my hands.  My senior year of high school I was involved in 3 car accidents that changed everything. I was rear ended twice and a passenger of a 70mph roll over that almost took my life. I incurred extensive injury to my body. I was told by my pain management Dr. that if I did not fuse my spine in three separate places I would never walk right again and would be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life.  That was a very traumatizing thing to hear at 18 years of age.  Lucky for me I have friends and family within the holistic/ new age healing, that encouraged me to seek out secondary opinions for my healing.  I did just that,  I found a great team that included; a Massage therapist, Rolfer, Pilates instructor, Chiropractor, Physical therapist, Vision therapist, Cognitive therapist, and a Bio feed back specialist. With all these amazing people behind me we stared to retrain my body. I needed to find my structural alignment and strength so I could walk without collapsing. This was a long painful process that paid off magnificently in the end.

A few years down the line I had not found my “calling”

I was working at a print shop and becoming an avid bowler to help maintain the strength in my injured shoulders.   I had a fellow bowler, a massage therapist friend adjust my back for me. One day  I asked him if I could show him my gratitude buy giving him a massage. He accepted my offer and after the massage  he was so impressed he called the admissions director at DSMT and told her to give me a call.  She did and  I started massage school two weeks later. While I was in school I realized how much I loved helping others feel better and help people heal from injury and trauma. The type of work I do on my clients is the same work that helped me regain function and mobility. I am walking and talking proof of how powerful massage and touch can be, its my opinion that you don’t need to get invasive surgeries to heal your body.   I now have dedicated my life to helping people heal themselves. I am eternally grateful to all my amazing clients for letting me be a part of their healing process.


We will move mountains together.